The solution I eventually discovered came from an unexpected place and had its roots back in a book I read when studying for my Microbiology degree.

It was a book written by a renowned zoologist who had studied animal behaviour for decades and then applied the lessons to human behaviour.

He found that the way animals and humans attract a mate follows a very specific path. There are distinct steps which naturally lead from one to the next.

What made a real IMPACT upon me was that if any of the steps were missed, the whole process collapsed and the pairing never happened.

Actually it worse than that. The Zoologist found that for humans if any of the steps were skipped over, the other person felt almost as if they had been assaulted.

The steps had to be taken in order and at a speed which suited both people.

If this didn’t happen, one of the people would feel it was too much too fast and so they simply disengaged and went their separate ways.

As I thought about how this affected my potential clients, I realised that the way most coaches, myself included, attracted clients was by making them take big leaps.

I was missing many of the essential steps and probably trying to move them through the steps at a speed which suited me, not them.

In the process I had many years ago there were three main steps:

1 - an advert or article

2 - the offer of a phone call to book in

3 - a ‘free session’.

Suddenly I realised that I was expecting my clients to leap from one step to the next - it was almost a leap of faith they had to take.  No wonder such a limited number of people came through.

What if I could replicate nature’s approach? 

In nature, there are courtship rituals in every species and I started to study them.  Each species had a unique approach, but in every pairing, the steps were exactly the same.  They were carried out precisely and in the same way each time.

Could I create a step-by-step approach to attract new coaching clients and then run it on autopilot?

It was clear there were two main parts.

I had to attract clients using something which really got their attention every single time.  Birds use vibrant plumage and songs, other animals have elaborate dances or patterns. 

At first, this seemed impossible to replicate but eventually became the simplest part of the process because in humans it’s easy! 

As a coach, all we need to do is ask them the right questions and they will tell us what will get their attention every single time.

The second part was how to engage at a deep level.