While we are not using this to attract a mate, we are looking to develop a relationship with somebody where we can coach them, and it’s at a far deeper level than most relationships.  

Before anybody will do business with you, they need to know you, like you and trust you

By copying nature’s examples, I realised it was possible to create a simple path for a potential coaching client to walk along.

Once I had their attention, then I could then start the process of deep engagement by generating that sense of ‘know, like and trust’.

Best of all I could do it on autopilot, so it ran perfectly every time.

The biggest difference was that I no longer hoped my clients would take big leaps - almost leaps of faith - from one step to the next.

I could create a pathway for them to move along at their own pace, so they never felt rushed or hurried.

Every step was in place so it felt natural and easy to take. But more than that, because of the strategy I was using, I wasn’t trying to force them through, they wanted to move from one step to the next.

The pathway was fast to create and once it had been set up worked by itself to deliver me clients who were motivated, ready to change and willing to pay for that transformation.

From the client’s perspective it was easy, and for most an exciting process they enjoyed because the most successful paths I created actively helped them to start solving their problems.

I did this because the fastest way to help somebody get to know, like and trust you is to help them.

I just found a way to do it on autopilot.

The biggest moment for me was when I realised that offering a free initial session was actually holding my business back.

Until then I had always offered a free session because it seemed the right and obvious thing to do.

When I realised how much friction there is around a free session and that it drives away some of your best potential clients, my whole business changed.

I still offered an initial session but because of the pathway a client took to arrive at it, they were happy to pay for it. I had more people coming for a paid initial session than I ever did for a free initial session!

And because the paid initial session was one of the steps on the pathway, it led seamlessly into long-term coaching.

By replicating what nature shows us, I found a way to attract clients before they started looking for other coaches and so made my competition irrelevant.

I found a way to help them so they knew, liked and trusted me and because I had helped them I was able to move from pricing based on a session basis to pricing based on the value I could deliver.

90% of my marketing was on autopilot meaning I could focus on coaching and my own skills. The remaining 10% of the marketing was easy, fun and I knew precisely what I needed to do.

The first I knew of a potential client was when they paid the £97 for the initial session and booked a time on my calendar.

All I needed to do was turn up for the session.

Over the years I refined it into the 5S System I now use and teach and I learned an important lesson.

A coach who makes 10x your income doesn’t work 10x harder than you. They work SMARTER.

What that really means is that they have a system in place to deliver the results to them.

They invest their time and resources to create a system which then does all the hard work for them, on autopilot, so they don’t have to.

If you DON'T have a system which works on autopilot, then you have to do that work

If you don’t do that work consistently, every single day, then you can’t achieve the results you dream of. Realistically it’s impossible to do it at the highest level all the time and coach too. 

That is why you experience the “feast and famine” of recruiting clients and why it can feel overwhelming.

And that's the end of the first chapter of the book...

Do you recall at the start I said that if it resonated with you, then it's worth downloading the full book?  

Would you like to have new clients delivered to you on autopilot?  The book will show you how.

This is for you if you're serious about growing your coaching business and creating a steady stream of clients who are willing to pay you your worth.

I've designed this so you can put it into action to attract new clients today because finally the way you can attract clients makes perfect sense.  

Nature really does have the answer...